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Diatomite(for catalyst carrier) (143826)

Large surface area
High porosity and irregularly shaped particle structure
Low loose and packed weight densities
High strength and stability under the most severe operating conditions

As an inert, porous silica support
As supports in a variety of applications, such as in biotechnology  for enzyme and microbe immobilization


Grade  CD02

Bulk density (g/cm3)≤0.10

Particle size 320 mesh

Specific surface area(m2/g)≥30

Pore volume(ml/g)≥1.3

Major pore radius  50-700 nm

True Density(g/cm3)≤1.98

H2O% ≤15

SiO2(%) ≥88

Al2O3(%) ≤3.5

Fe2O3(%) ≤1.2

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