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Silica aerogel Insulation Blanket(Low density, -50-350°C) (350602)

                             Grades           350-3                                    350-6                            350-10

                             Thickness         3mm                                    6mm                             10mm              

                             Length             38m                                     38m                                36m                   

                             Width                                                         1500mm                                                   

                             Color                                                        Grey/White                                                     

Specification        Density                                                     170±10kg/m3                                       

                             Fiber Diameter                                              9-11µm                                                  


                             Working Temperature                                 -50-350°C



                           Environmental Performance               PASS                                              

                           Oxygen Index                                   45%                                                


Technical Data   Fire Rating                                           A                                                     

                          Tensile Strength                              1000Kpa                                           

                                                             25°C                  0.018W/(m·K)

                          Thermal                      100°C                  0.020W/(m·K)

                          Conductivity                 200°C                 0.024W/(m·K)                        

                          (Average                     300°C                  0.032W/(m·K)

                          Temp)                        400°C                  0.042W/(m·K)



 Applications    Insulation for high speed trains, new energy vehicles, etc.

 Low-Dust Type   Available by applying our proprietary coating, which will reduce dust dramatically.  


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