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beta-Arbutin (439513)

Synonym  Arbutine, arbutin, ursin
Chemical name 4-Hydroxyphenyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside
CAS# 497-76-7

Physical and chemical properties
Appearance: White powder.
Infrared signature peak: 1515cm-1 1220cm-1 1050±(5~8)cm-1
Melting point/Melting range:195~199℃.
Boiling point/Boiling range: Not available.
pH (1% soln/water): 5.0 ~ 7.0
Solubility: Soluble in water, methanol or alcohol. Partially soluble in cold water. Insoluble in aether,
chloroform or benzene. 

Arbutin more than 99.5%.
Hydroquinone less than 10 ppm.

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