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Chitosan(Medical grade) (431668)

Non-toxic and odorless, off-white or slight yellow powder. Soluble in acid, insoluble in water, base or organic solvent.

1. Excipient such as disintegrant and thickener.
2. Drug carrier, to stabilize the composition of a drug, prompt its absorption, slow or control its dissolution, help drug reach target organ, being anti-acid and anti-ulcer to prevent stomach stimulation.
3. Film forming material, its relative molecular weight has a prominent influence on the film forming and film properties. Generally, the lower the molecular weight, the lower the tensile strength and the stronger the permeability of film. Appropriate crosslinking agents can improve the strength and change the barrier properties of film.


Test Items


DAC degree

≥ 90%


≤ 0.2%


≤ 0.5EU/mg

Heavy metals

≤ 10ppm

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