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Plant dyes (526534)

Plant dyes are extracted from raw materials such as flowers, shells, fruits, leaves and so on through multiple processes, powdering-extracting-ultrasonic processing-concentrating-air drying.

Plant dyes can be used for cotton, linen, silk and wool dyeing. They

have no side effects on our body. With natural color, well texture and pleasant

fragrance, the dyed fabrics are the best choice for high grade garments.



Dosage: 0.5~5%(o.w.f), different usage according to color deep requirement

a. Dyeing for cotton fabrics:

(1) Modification processing: natural modifier dosage is 1-2 times weights of cotton

fabric, 95°C/30min ----washing----dyeing

(2) Dyeing processing: 95°C/60min(pH 3-4) ----washing----soaping (soaping

agent 5g/L, boiling 1-2min) ----washing----drying

b. Dyeing for wool and silk fabrics:

Adopt acid- boiling dyeing for both wool and silk fabric.

Adjust pH with glacial acetic acid. pH for dyeing wool fabric is 4. pH for silk

fabric is 5.

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