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Potassium titanate whisker(K2Ti6O13, D=0.2~1.5µm, L=10~100µm) (222811)

Chemical formula: K2Ti6O13
Appearance: white powder
Particle shape:  needle crystal

Whisker diameter: 0.2-1.5µm
Whisker length: 10-100µm
Mohs hardness: 4
Bulk density: about 0.3g/cm3
Moisture content: <0.5%
pH: 7-9
Heat-resistance: 1200°C(in air)
Tensile strength: 7000MPa 
Elastic modulus: 280GPa

Excellent reflection capacity in infrared region

Excellent friction properties:
1. Stable Friction coefficient from room to high temperatures to assure smooth braking.
2. Low Wear at high temperatures, no damage to brake disk
3. Almost no friction noise during braking

Reinforcing agent for plastic composites
Friction control agent
As heat-resistant and insulation paint when mixed with silicon resin

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