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Silica aerogel Insulation Blanket(-50-450°C) (450602)

                            Grades               450-3                             450-5                      450-6                      450-10

                            Thickness         3mm                             5mm                     6mm                      10mm              

                            Length              38m                               38m                      38m                         27m                   

                            Width                                                          1500mm                                                   

                            Color                                                              White                                                      

Specification       Density                                                    200±10kg/m3                                        

                            Fiber Diameter                                           9-11µm                                                  


                            Working Temperature                              -50-450°C                                           


                                       Item                              According to                                                             Result

                                     Fireproof                 EN13823: 2010, EN ISO1716-2010                           A2

                                     Flexibility              ASTM C1101/C1101M-06(R2012)                     Flexible Material

Certificate               Linear Shrinkage          ASTM C356-10                                           Length 0.53, Width 0.37

                             Water Vapor Sorption     ASTM C1104/C1104M-13a                    (49°C, 95% RH, 96h), 1.1%

                                    RoHS                              2011/65U                                                                 PASS

                                    CLP/GHS                       EC1727/2008                                                     NOT Hazard

                                      CE                         EN13162:2012+A1:2015                                                PASS


                             Size Stability                                    1%                                                   

                             Water Absorption                         0.6%                                                 

                             Moisture Rate of Volume            0.1% 

Technical Data     Fire Rating                                                     A                                                     

                            Tensile Strength                                       1200Kpa                                           

                                                               25°C                     0.020W/(m·K)

                             Thermal                  100°C                    0.021 W/(m·K)

                             Conductivity           200°C                   0.025 W/(m·K)                       

                             (Average                 300°C                    0.034 W/(m·K)

                              Temp)                     400°C                    0.045 W/(m·K)

                                                              450°C                    0.050 W/(m·K)


Applications     Pipeline and equipment insulation

Low-Dust Type   Available by applying our proprietary coating, which will reduce dust dramatically.         


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