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Super absorbent polymer(Aquasorb) (210521)

1. High Safety

-neutral pH  

-no harmful matter in released water

-no run off with rainwater after releasing water

-degraded into ammonium nitrogen, water and potassium ions after one year

2. Water Absorption and Release

-absorb 400 to 500 times its own weight of pure water

-water retention force being 13-14 kg/cm2 against strong external physical pressure

-water absorbing force of general plant root being 16-17kg/cm2 to easily absorb water from Aquasorb

3. Fertilizer Absorption and Maintenance

-not only absorb 400 to 500 times of water, but also absorb about 100 times of urea

4. Soil Improvement

-make soil soft and porous through expansion and shrinkage with water absorption and release

- high moisture in Aquasorb reduces thermal conductivity to lower daytime soil temperature by 1-4  and raise night temperature by 2-4, effectively lowering temperature difference between day and night


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