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Tetra-needle like Zinc oxide whisker(ZnO, D=0.5-5μm, L=10-50μm) (124671)




white and loose powder


Tetra-needle like with nanotips

Crystal structure

Single crystal, wurtzite

Length of needle(μm)


Diameter of needle root (μm)


Apparent density (g/cm3)


True density (g/cm3)


Whiteness (%)


Powder resistivity (Ω.cm)

105 108

Thermal expansion coefficient (%/)


Heat resistance ()



1. High strength: T-ZnOw is of single wurtzite crystal with almost no structure defects. It is nearly a kind of ideal crystal with high mechanical strength and modulus of elasticity. Its tensile strength and modulus of elasticly reach 1.0×104 Mpa and 3.5×105 Mpa respectively, close to the theoretical values.

2. Isotropic behaviour: the unique three-dimensional tetra-needle like structure give it isotropic reinforcing and modification effect, guaranteeing products with isotropic mechanical properties, dimension homogeneity, thermal contraction and other characteristics.

3. Excellent heat resistance: Melting point of ZnO is higher than 1800°C, and T-ZnOw can resist 1750°C . Higher than 1000°C under atmospheric pressure may result in structure damage at the needle tip.

4.  Adjustable electric properties: ZnO is a n-type of semiconductor that can be doped to control its conductivity, piezoelectricity, piezosensitivity and other electric and electronic properties.

5.  Activity of nanosemiconductor: T-ZnOw has special nanoactivity due to its unique structure. With the nonstoichiometric characteristic, T-ZnOw can release reactive oxygen species, giving it high efficient, broad spectrum and long-term antibacterial and environmental cleaning property.


1.  Antistatic polymer (white, high efficient, permanent and reinforcing effect, wear resistant property)

2. Wear-resistant and antiskidding materials (high-grade rubber tyres, brake, gear, rubber belt conveyer, etc.)

3.  Microwave-absorption materials (wave-absorbing and stealthy materials, electromagnetic shielding materials, etc.)

4. Vibration and damping materials (structural vibration, industrial damping, noise reduction materials)

5. Toughening for ceramic materials (craft ceramics, structural ceramics, special ceramics)

6. Enhanced composite materials (to improve the mechanical properties, processing performance, strength and elasticity modulus) 

7. Antibacterial and antialgae composite materials (home appliances, daily necessities, textiles, paints)

8.  Decomposition of formaldehyde and other organic compounds (from decoration materials, indoor air)

Instruction for use

Mix matrix materials with T-ZnOw and other auxiliary agents and process as original production technology. Coupling agent and dispersing agent are recommended to add for strengthening the combining ability between T-ZnOw and matrix materials.


Usually 5wt% to 15wt%.


This product is only available to customers in USA and Canada by FedEx Ground.

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